40 Day Challenge

40 Day Challenge

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The 40 Day Karmic Cleanse provides lasting change and new healthy habits!  and for only $21 per Day!
Whether you are looking to loose weight, clean up your eating habits, or implement a new lifestyle, this 40 Day program will help your body and mind stick to your goals and see lasting results...

They say it takes 40 days to create new habits!

Our 40 Day Cleanse is real raw juices, teas and smoothies.  You will receive delivery of your raw bottles filled with organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and enzymes fresh each week and in harmony with the Seasons...in addition to your 3 bottles per day and recipes, the 40 day program includes 2 herbal tea remedies per day to help lower sugar cravings and gently detoxify the digestive system.

During the 40 days, participants will receive:

  • 6 Weekly e books with recipes, shopping guides, and tools to help guide and encourage you to reach your wellness goals
  • 6 Weekly Deliveries of our Organic, Raw, Whole Food Products- including 3 per day of Juice, Tea, Smoothies and 2 herbal tea remedies

Each week will be a building block of the new foundation you are setting for a lifelong direction towards health.  We provide the most difficult part - the juices and smoothies during the cleanse and the 6 workbooks provide the daily encouragement to implement change within your home and lifestyle.  This 40 Day program address the multiple aspects of successful habit change by addressing the mind, body, and spirit. 

Begin anytime...  Your e books will arrive in your email soon after your purchase.   Your healthy boxes will be scheduled according to your location and will arrive the same day each week.

Each week we will check in with you to answer questions and provide necessary alterations for your program.  We are here for you throughout the week as well and encourage you to reach out if you need support or have questions.