The Cleanse

If you're looking for the answer to health and wellness, congratulations, its time to get started.

By now, you’ve probably done enough research on your own to know the healing power of food just may be the answer you’ve searched for so long.  Indeed, we have created a “sickness industry” where there’s a pill for every ill and most doctors are forced to treat illness and disease instead of focusing on PREVENTION.

Here at the Ranch we have the ability and freedom to provide you health and call it for what it is - foods that cure!  There are so many diseases today that are totally related to food and it makes the most sense that if food causes the problem, then alternative foods can cure too.

We have put together a liquid cleanse full of seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and herbs that can help you on your journey into health.  Whether you are looking to stop taking insulin at every meal, skip the future open heart surgery, end the pill popping for good, lose the fatty baggage on your frame, or just maintain your system in a loving, nurturing environment - then this is the retreat to book!

If all you’re doing is fighting symptoms, you’re not hitting the root cause. Experience tells us that nutrients DO. And setting the stage for your body to divert resources from digesting un-natural “phoods” and breaking down animal protein is perhaps the most gentle and effective way to purge toxins and heal.

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food”


The Goal of a Cleanse

  • Eliminates new toxins from being introduced through food and drink.
  • Takes the pressure off your digestive system. Juice and raw foods take much less energy to digest, thus freeing up energy.
  • Allows the body to use this “extra” energy to re balance your system and allow for deep healing.
  • Infuses your body with safe, natural vitamins and minerals in the most bio-available form almost instantly.
  • Which means your body will be converting food to energy at a faster rate to boost your personal energy and vitality!

By eliminating new toxins from food,  you’ll give your body the break it needs to divert resources and reset your body.

Our goal is to make that as easy as possible. Our team is dedicated to helping you succeed.

This is NOT a low calorie starvation diet. It’s not a diet… and it’s not starvation. In each of our Cleanse Programs, you’ll get plenty of quality calories. After all, we want you to be vibrant and healthy

Great juice cleanse. The drinks were super yummy and I lost 7 lbs! I also felt energetic opposed to tired from the low calorie intake. Overall was a great cleanse, thank you!
— Gina (5 day cleanse)

Add Chef Meal Classes

We have access to an amazing assortment of fruits and vegetables perfectly ripened by the Sun and we love to prepare healthy meals in the Ranch kitchens.  Stephanie is available Tuesday thru Saturday for lunch or dinner chef creations.  Learn new ways to prepare healthy for you and your family.  Chop, Cook, and Eat delicious plant based meals during your cleanse or after.  Choose from over 25 Seasonal recipes when you reserve your meal and enjoy the hands on cleanse cooking experience!


Inspiration and knowledge

We say that knowledge is power and when it comes to healing your body, knowledge is not only power but the fuel necessary to keep you going strong.  When we first learned some of the simplest facts regarding foods and healing, we were blown away that the information was only known by a small few.  Nowadays the knowledge of the healing power of foods is becoming more mainstream and with it the continuous expansion of facts.  Many doctors are even now turning to foods to heal themselves and their patients from disease.

We have developed hundreds of workshops and lectures based on health and wellness from foods we eat to conscious living.  Since our first retreat to Brazil in 2009, we have presented groups with various discussions to help bring you the knowledge necessary to take your health back into your own self.  During your retreat you are invited to join us for these lectures and workshops to enhance your program and take home the fuel for a successful journey.

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